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Ever since the middle of the 20th century, aircraft charters have been the preferred method of travel for high-end clients who demand, and can afford, the very best. Now, over fifty years later the bar has been raised and the expense lowered. For growing businesses, a light jet aircraft charter with Jetworks International can help expand their reach of operations for a minimal per-flight cost. For executive travelers, chartering a heavy jet aircraft with satellite phone and fax allows for transcontinental and international travel without interrupting daily business.

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Aircraft Charters versus Scheduled Airline Flights

Business class seats offered on scheduled flights by major airlines do provide some level of luxury but are no substitute for the aviation experience offered by aircraft charters. Aside from the increased privacy and luxury, aircraft charters work on a flexible schedule, take to the air faster, and can land at a much greater variety of airports, reducing the amount of time spent driving. In the fast-paced 21st century economy where ever hour saved puts you a step ahead of the competition and face-to-face interaction is more valuable than ever, it is no surprise that aircraft charters and private aviation continue to experience incredible growth.

Aircraft Charters versus Alternative Private Aviation

Charter aircraft flightBecause private jets have proven to be an invaluable tool for so many businesses, executives, and celebrities, the aircraft charter industry has attracted competition from alternative private aviation programs such as jet cards and fractional ownership. Unlike aircraft charters, however, these fractional and card business models are still experiencing growing pains. This has left many fractional owners with a lower investment valuation than they were promised to begin with. Jet card holders are often disappointed by diminishing levels of service and black-out dates during peak travel times. Even the largest fractional providers struggle every year to turn a profit using a business model that was never intended to accommodate 16th-share ownership or jet cards members.

With its long history, aircraft charters are a mature and reliable industry. With the help of an experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated team like Jetworks International the process of chartering an aircraft can be as simple as choosing a destination. Aircraft charter services like Jetworks have adapted to combine the simplicity of jet card flying without requiring any up front or monthly fees. Modern aircraft charters provide the best of both worlds and always with uncompromising luxury and convenience.

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