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Q. Why charter?
Q. Why choose Jetworks International, Inc.?
Q. Does Jetworks International, Inc. own or operate any aircraft?
Q. Can Jetworks International, Inc. assist with international flights?
Q. Can Jetworks International, Inc. arrange jumbo jet trips?
Q. I am a member of a fractional program; what services can
Jetworks International, Inc. provide?

Q. What aircraft are available?
Q. We are planning a road show; can Jetworks International, Inc. help?

Q. Why Charter?

A. Charter offers the most flexibility of any private aviation option.

With Jetworks International, Inc. there are no long term commitments, no monthly fees, and no limitation on the amount of hours you fly nor do you pay for hours you do not use. You are not locked into a particular type or class of aircraft as you are with fractional programs or jet membership cards, nor is there an inflated pre-priced hourly rate.

Since we work exclusively with operators who have achieved a minimum 'Gold' rating with ARG/US, one of the leading aviation safety auditing services, you can be assured you are flying on the most meticulously maintained aircraft in the industry. In fact, many of the aircraft we charter for our clients everyday are the exact same aircraft used by the fractional programs when they require supplemental lift for their owners. You have access to thousands of high quality aircraft, every size and class, to assure you that you get the perfect aircraft for each and every mission.

Q. Why choose Jetworks International, Inc.?

A. Service. Trust. Integrity. Without Compromise.

From the moment you call to inquire about Jetworks International, Inc. to the time each trip is successfully completed, you have a true partner in the aircraft charter business. Our experience, dedication and knowledge of the industry are invaluable tools for you and your company to utilize every time you choose to charter an aircraft.

We invite you to call 877.JET.WRKS and discuss with us your aviation needs. Allow us to show you how working with Jetworks International, Inc. can benefit you and your company.

Q. Does Jetworks International, Inc. own or operate any aircraft?

A. Jetworks International, Inc. currently does not own or operate any aircraft.

We are a charter sales company, working on behalf of our valued clients to arrange for and facilitate charter services. We strive to find you the most suitable aircraft for your specific needs. Through our strong relationships with our network of operators, we have access to meticulously selected aircraft that not only meet the strict standards of the FAA, but also meet our own Standards.

In addition to arranging aircraft charters, we provide our clients a number of related concierge services including specialized gourmet catering, ground transportation and lodging; additional concierge services available upon request.

Q. Can Jetworks International, Inc. assist with international flights?

A. Absolutely.

Jetworks International, Inc. can assist in your international travel plans. Our customers appreciate that we can offer the perfect, long-range aircraft for any international itinerary. Whether your business or personal travel takes you to Europe, Asia, Africa or throughout the Americas, we ensure that every detail is covered and every precaution is taken when arranging your international itinerary.

Call us today at 877.JET.WRKS with your international itinerary and let us show you how we will make your journey as smooth as possible. Or, simply complete our free quote form and we will provide you with pricing and service options.

Q. Can Jetworks International, Inc. arrange jumbo jet trips?

A. If your need requires an aircraft with more seating than a typical heavy jet, we will be happy to arrange a charter for your group of 20 to 300 or more.

We will take care of every detail from the necessary paperwork for international trips to the catering and ground transportation you may require.

Having an experienced aviation professional working for you can save you both time and money when arranging your large cabin capacity charters.

Q. I am a member of a fractional program, what services can Jetworks International, Inc. provide?

A. Many of our clients who are members of fractional programs call us for particular circumstances.

They may be getting close to using up their allotted annual hours or need an upgrade from the aircraft they typically use. Perhaps their fractional program does not offer the aircraft that best suits their specific itinerary.

Often, fractional program members will come to us as their contracts are coming to an end and they are reevaluating their private aviation requirements. We analyze their usage and habits and custom design a program that fit their needs. We show them how they can get the high quality service they demand without the upfront capital costs, long term commitment, monthly fees and limitations associated with fractional programs.

Q. What aircraft are available?

A. We have access to nearly every type of private charter aircraft from every major manufacturer.

From twin engine turbo props to jumbo jets, we offer our clients the opportunity to fly on aircraft that includes Bombardier Learjets and Challengers, Citation Jets, Gulfstreams, Raytheon Hawker and Beechjets, Dessault Falcon, Embraer and Boeing Business Jets.

We evaluate each and every itinerary to see what specific aircraft is the best possible option for that mission.

Please visit our Aircraft page for more details.

Q. We are planning a road show. Can Jetworks International, Inc. help?

A. Jetworks International, Inc. is experienced in putting together the complicated and often time sensitive itinerary of a road show.

We understand the urgency of getting your executives to their meetings on time, without stress. We will work with your company to handle every detail of your road show from start to finish. We will find the aircraft most suitable for your itinerary. We will determine the best airport for each meeting destination. We will arrange catering for each leg of the trip and ensure that ground transportation is arranged to get your executives to each meeting destination. We will become a true partner with your company to assure you that your road show is a complete success.

If you have additional questions, we welcome you to contact us at 877-JET-WRKS or contact us for more information. Our charter experts will kindly assist you.


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