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Private Air Charters

Only private air charters provide a level of luxury and convenience that so many corporate and personal travelers have come to expect. The privacy, efficiency, and destinations of an air charter from Jetworks International far surpasses the services offered by traditional airlines.

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Air Charter Privacy

Personal and Corporate CharterUnlike commercial airline flights, air charters are always private. For the duration of the flight, the air charter customers have use of the entire airplane without having to worry about distractions from well-intentioned strangers. Because the flights are private, there is no need to wait in terminals with large groups and long lines for things like security checks and boarding calls.

Private Air Charter Efficiency

One of the greatest advantages of an air charter is the efficiency that it offers. Traveling to and from a destination five hundred miles away is now a simple commute. Private air charter is one of the greatest tools available to help frequent travelers maintain their quality of life. Unlike scheduled airline flights, we provide the flexibility to plan the flights around you schedule rather than the other way around. Air charter efficiency can save precious hours for every day spent in transit.

Destination Possibilities for Private Air Charters

Commercial airlines only fly to a small fraction of possible airports. The destination possibilities for private air charters, however, have no such constraints. These smaller airports often provide a more convenient departure arrival location and also have far less congestion than the major airports.

Air Charter Safety

Jetworks International is very concerned about private air charter safety. This dedication to safety means that every operator of our chartered flights is pre-screened to the most stringent aviation standards. The aircrafts themselves are the most high-tech available and are thoroughly inspected by knowledgeable technicians. All of this means that our private air charter not only meets, but exceeds the highest aviation safety standards.

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