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Private Jet Charters

Private jet charters with Jetworks International are an intelligent choice for both business and personal travelers alike. With us there is no upfront cost and no monthly fee. Some other private aviation methods require a large initial investment along with high monthly management fees. These programs give the "owner" access to the airplane for only a limited number of hours per year. In order to maximize the investment, the member is forced to predict, in advance, the exact number of hours that will be spent flying over the upcoming year. Private jet charters optimize travel expenditures by billing on a per-flight basis with very competitive rates.

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Chartered Private Jet Rates

Rates for chartered private jets compare favorably to even the most optimized fractional ownership program. For many personal and corporate flights, a private jet charter is the simplest and most cost-effective way to travel in comfort, luxury, and privacy. The jet charter rates provided by Jetworks International not only cover the cost of the flight but can also take care of all paperwork and administration associated with the chartering of a private jet.

Private Jet Charter Services

Private Jet Charter RatesThe services for private jet charters offered by our team will please even the most discerning client. Along with managing the details and minutiae associated with chartered jet travel, we also provide full concierge services and ground transportation. Once in the air, all needs are looked after from entertainment systems, movies, music, and flight phones, to gourmet wine and catering that will satisfy even the most sophisticated palette. With every flight, we apply a wealth of experience, knowledge, and dedication to ensure the best private jet charter service possible.

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