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Private jets provide the ultimate in comfort, safety, and convenience for the discerning traveler. Whether flying on a business trip, a personal vacation, a corporate travel package, or as part of a tightly scheduled road show, chartered aviation on private jets is an efficient and practical solution. Jetworks International offers the simplest and most cost efficient method of utilizing private jet services without sacrificing the high levels of service and safety you would expect.

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Private Jet Options

There are a number of different options to examine when arranging flights on private jets. The most expensive choice is to purchase a jet. While this may be an ideal solution for some, the maintenance, hangar fees, private jet pilots and their training, flight attendants, and other sundry expenses can be a significant hassle. Furthermore, full ownership limits private jet travel to that model and size of aircraft, making it one of the less flexible solutions.

Sky JetAnother popular option is to buy into fractional jet ownership, or one of its associated private jet card programs. The initial allure is obvious: jet ownership and privileges at a fraction of the price.

Unfortunately, fractional programs and jet cards have a much harder time living up to expectations. After the initial buy-in, fractional owners are hit with significant hourly flight charges, high annual management fees, and at the end of their fractional commitment, sale of the private jet at a drastically reduced price.

Additionally, because of the limited number of jets owned by fractional companies with respect to the number their fractional owners, you may actually be on a chartered jet 10-25% of the time you book.

The most flexible and cost-intelligent solution for the vast majority of flyers is to book private jets as necessary through Jetworks International. Like private jet ownership, Jetworks International flights are arranged and ready with very little wait time. Like jet cards, flight paperwork and management is completely handled by our staff. However, unlike full and fractional ownership, working with usl does not require exorbitant up-front capital investment or high monthly fees. Furthermore, you are not locked into a particular aircraft type or even size nor do you need to pre-buy set number of hours as you do with jet cards. We offer unparalleled flexibility and the highest levels of customer service in the industry.

Choosing Private Jet Services

With so many options to choose for private jet services, well-informed corporate and personal travelers should closely examine their options. The majority will discover that arranging corporate, business, or personal travel is most flexible and cost-effective through Jetworks International. For more information on our private jets, please contact us.

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