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At Jetworks International, Inc., the safety of our valued clients is our primary concern.

We work with a pre-screened network of operators who have met the most stringent of aviation safety standards. Every operator in our network has achieved a minimum 'Gold' Rating with Aviation Research Group (ARG/US), one of the leading aviation safety auditing companies in the industry. Through the ARG/US CHEQ system, Jetworks International, Inc. obtains a complete, in depth safety report on each charter operator in our network. ARG/US provides Pilot Qualifications, Aircraft Information as well as Accident and Incident Reports. To achieve a minimum rating of Gold means, "operators who meet or exceed the established ARG/US standards for equipment and crew experience. The emphasis is not only age of aircraft, but also on modern avionics, progressive maintenance, and proven safety devices."

Simply put, you are flying on the most high-tech and thoroughly-inspected aircraft in the industry. In fact, we use the same safety standards for our network operators that many of the fractional programs use when they need to contract charter aircraft for supplemental lift for their owners.

In addition to the Safety Standards set forth by ARG/US, Jetworks International, Inc. maintains the additional minimum standards for network operators.

• All Pilots must have current Flight Safety or equivalent training
• Pilots must have current ground simulator training
• Pilots must have current exam from an FAA Medical Examiner
• Pilots must have a min. number of flight hours and min. number of flight hours in type of aircraft flown
• Aircraft must have all inspections current and performed at an FAA approved repair station
• Aircraft must carry a MINIMUM of $50 million in liability insurance, and all passengers and companies we represent will be named as additionally insured on all charters.
• All aircraft must be newly painted and refurbished.

In addition to the steps we take in assuring you the safest aircraft, we make sure all details are covered and never compromise the luxury expected in private aviation. With Jetworks International, Inc. we make sure that you have every amenity on your aircraft, from entertainment systems with special movies for you and the kids, to flight phones to make those last minute business calls, and gourmet wine and catering. From the moment you call Jetworks International, Inc. to the time your trip is complete, we will treat you with the world class service you deserve.

Jetworks International, Inc. Compromise Nothing.

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